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Pete Wernick's Upcoming Teaching Events
Merlefest, NC Apr 22-25 Info/Signup coming soon! Bluegrass Camp
Lake George, NY Jun 21-26 Info/Signup coming soon! Bluegrass Camp
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Wernick Method Bluegrass Jam Classes
Fest = Festival class  Camp = Consecutive full days
Silver Bay, NY Camp Jun 21-26 Daily Pete Wernick
Berkshire, NY Fest Jul 11-13 Daily Ron Perry
Oak Hill, NY Fest Jul 19-20 Daily Paul Dube
Sodus, NY Fest Jul 25-27 Daily Ron Perry
Colebrook, NH Camp Oct 18-20 Daily Bob Amos & Alan Epstein & Ellen Carlson
Parsons, WV Fest Aug 1-3 Daily Larry Kernagis
Huntington, WV Fest Aug 23-24 Daily Michelle Wallace
Woodstown, NJ Fest Aug 30-Sep 1 Daily Heidi Olsen
Huntington, WV Sep 10-Oct 29 Tue Maggie Moore
Jefferson, NC Camp Jul 25-26 Daily Gilbert Nelson
Charleston, SC Camp Aug 10-11 Daily Gilbert Nelson
Marion, NC Fest Aug 15-17 Daily Leigh Nelson
Marietta, GA Sep 4-Oct 23 Wed Duck Adkins
Bristol/Abingdon, VA Camp Sep 17-20 Daily Gilbert Nelson
Maggie Valley, NC Camp Oct 11-13 Daily Larry Kernagis
Raleigh, NC Oct 26-Nov 2 Sat Leslie Dare & Susan West
Charlotte/Dallas, NC Jan 18 Sat Gilbert Nelson
Melbourne, FL Camp Jan 31-Feb 2 Daily Larry Kernagis
Raleigh/Durham, NC Camp Mar 6-8 Daily Gilbert Nelson
Wernick Method certified teachers are now offering
weekly sessions and weekend camps in communities nationwide. Learn to jam with other folks in your area!
Coopersville, MI Camp Sep 27-29 Daily Russell Paswater
St Louis, MO Camp Nov 1-3 Daily Larry Kernagis
South Central
Kingston, NM Camp Jun 28-30 Daily Gilbert Nelson
Oklahoma City, OK Camp Jul 19-21 Daily Larry Kernagis
Austin, TX Camp Sep 13-15 Daily John David
Frisco, CO Camp Jul 22-26 Daily John Holenko
Seattle, WA Camp Sep 4-9 Varies Larry Kernagis
Glendale, CA Camp Jun 28-30 Daily John David
Flagstaff, AZ Fest Sep 14-15 Daily Rick Sparks
Glendale, CA Camp Sep 20-22 Daily John David
Phoenix, AZ Camp Jan 3-5 Daily Larry Kernagis
Phillip Island VIC, Australia Camp Aug 10-12 Daily Greg McGrath
Saint-Christophe-du-Bois, France Aug 24 Sat Gilles Rézard
Týn nad Vltavou, Czech Republic Camp Aug 30-Sep 1 Daily Petr Brandejs


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Student comments! Click for large file.

“I have been waiting to start playing real bluegrass with people for quite a while, and now I can.”

“This is so much more fun than sitting on the couch playing alone.”

“I wish I had been introduced to this format much earlier. Isolated music is nowhere near as fun as being with a group.”

“A masterful job at creating a safe environment for us to learn in. Everyone in my groups has led, played solos and sung a song.”

“I've never tried to learn by ear before & it was so much fun.”

“Through the class I got hooked up with a group of folks I love playing with, and we plan to continue to meet.”